Are you a RIGHT RESPONSE Licensee with your own Learning Management System?

Would you like to spend approximately 40% less time in-class recertifying your staff?

Would you like greater flexibility for your staff when recertifying?

Are you interested in being able to better track your staff progress and completion of their eLearning?

Would you like your staff to be able to refresh themselves throughout the year on core RIGHT RESPONSE concepts at their own pace?


If you answered “Yes” to these questions, we have great news for you!

Previously the only way to enroll your staff into Blended Recertification, was purchasing individual seats or a block of coupon codes for them to redeem for the course.  Additionally, your staff were limited to only 30 days of access.

Now with the option to license our Blended Recertification eLearning to your own Learning Management System (LMS), licensees will gain some great benefits including:

·        Unlimited use of the course on your own LMS

·        Unlimited access to the course for your staff

·        Ability to track staff progress and completion of courses through your LMS Administrative tools

·        Opportunities to provide more structured or self-paced refreshers

·        No additional “per seat” fees


Even if you don’t have your own Learning Management System, you can still gain a great benefit from our Blended Recertification option, hosted on our own LMS.  Utilizing a blended option for your staff recertification needs:

·        Reduces the in-person portion of recertification by approximately 40%

·        Reduces staff coverage needs during in-class portions

·        Gives more flexibility for scheduling of in-class session

·        Provides greater focus on application of the principles in-class, rather than review of material

·        Allows staff to begin their recertification ahead of in-class sessions

·        Gives staff the ability to work at their own pace during eLearning

·        Provides a low-cost option to meet your training needs


For more information about Blended Recertification or hosting the eLearning on your own LMS, please reach out to us at  We look forward to hearing from you!

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