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So What?


No, this question of "So What?" is not meant as off-hand or sarcastic.  The question is actually legitimate and one that's intended to be thought-provoking when we engage with others. Do you find yourself getting into power-struggles? Do you try to convince others of your way of thinking? Do ...

Mistakes Happen


Have you ever made a mistake?  Raise your hand internally if you have. My guess is that everyone reading this raised their hand.  Mistakes happen.  It's part of the human condition.  Mistakes are frustrating, demoralizing, cause us worry, bring about shame and regret, and can leave us questioning ourselves. ...

Blended Recertification eLearning for your own Learning Management System (LMS)


Are you a RIGHT RESPONSE Licensee with your own Learning Management System? Would you like to spend approximately 40% less time in-class recertifying your staff? Would you like greater flexibility for your staff when recertifying? Are you interested in being able to better track your staff progress and completion ...

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