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Person-Centered Approach

RIGHT RESPONSE is based on universal principles that guide the safe and skillful de-escalation of any situation. You’ll learn new strategies to approach any encounter and practical steps to reduce conflict.

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The strategies we teach are deeply rooted in our company’s core values


We help you view de-escalation through a wide lens, so you can positively impact all aspects of your communication and interaction.


Our forward-thinking approach begins with prevention, is universally applicable, and empowers you to skillfully respond to any situation.


Guided by respect, we help you build strong, safe environments in which you and your team can work together to solve complex problems.


We apply our own strategies in real world scenarios every day, ensuring the techniques we bring to you are thoroughly road tested and effective.

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RIGHT RESPONSE is rooted in prevention, safety, and respect. We teach proactive techniques that equip you with the skills you need to safely de-escalate and stabilize any situation, perform thorough post-incident analysis, and prevent crises from occurring in the first place.

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Driven by Universal Principles

Our techniques are guided by universal principles and are applicable in any context. From individuals and families, to companies, social services, schools, and more, RIGHT RESPONSE is the right choice for anyone seeking to improve their interactions with others.

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A Focus on Inside Out Change

By fostering a dynamic culture of Inside-Out Change™ we encourage safe, proactive, and respectful communication through high quality de-escalation training. Universal principles guide our responses, creating effective interventions that positively impact people and improve situations.

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If you work with people,
RIGHT RESPONSE is right for you

Explore how RIGHT RESPONSE is applicable in a variety of contexts

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It is possible to de-escalate situations that seem to be headed out of control. You just need the right tools. You’ll learn:

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So when crises arise you can remain in control, avoid the wrong response, and support anyone, anywhere, with any issue.

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