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Simply complete a Results-Driven Training Plan with the staff of RIGHT RESPONSE specifying what you plan to achieve by when. If you don't achieve the specified results, simply ask for a refund of the training fees you paid.

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Transform Problems into Success

Evidence-based Training Success: Confidence in the RIGHT RESPONSE

You want a training program that works. Even more, you need a training program which will empower your attendees to solve behavior challenges and manage violent behavior. But as you know every situation is different and every escalation has its own unique challenges.

Fortunately, the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop meets all of these criteria. How do you know your staff will achieve these goals? Look at the achievement of others who have attended the workshop. Every attendee evaluation contains statistical measurements on their feelings of safety, ability to manage any situation and to create co-operative safety plans within their workplace environment.

Evaluation result which shows an increase in attendee confidence to respond in any situation!

Take for example the above result which shows an increase in attendee confidence to respond in any situation! Would you like your staff to have this much confidence in their skills?

Learn more about the the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop Feedback Evaluation.

“ RIGHT RESPONSE continues to be a wonderful addition to our Programs. Evergreen Supported Living received zero findings on the state review this year and I do feel your RIGHT RESPONSE training contributed to the mindfulness of our care. The philosophy in RIGHT RESPONSE is as integral to our clients success as is the Residential Service Guidelines. ”
~Belinda Grames, Program Director, Evergreen Supported Living

2011 Survey Results of Licensed Agencies

Below are some results from the 2011 Survey of Licensed Instructors and their Administrators regarding the effectiveness of the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop.

Response rate for licensed RIGHT RESPONSE Instructors: 55.5%
Response rate for their Administrators (some of whom are also instructors): 31.1%

  Instructors Administrators
RIGHT RESPONSE makes a difference where I work. 99% 100% Agree
RIGHT RESPONSE is worth the time. 99% 100% Agree
RIGHT RESPONSE is worth the money. 96% 98% Agree
When I completed the Instructor Certification Course, I left with everything I needed to get started teaching RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops. 90% 98% Agree
Attendees have what they need to get started applying what they learned once they leave workshop. 97% 98% Agree
RIGHT RESPONSE has resulted in tangible change. 93% 89% Agree
The staff at RIGHT RESPONSE help me meet my needs. 100% 98% Agree

See the full 2011 Instructor Survey Results

PHILLIPS Reduced Violence by 56%!

RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop decreased restraints by 56%, escorts by 51% and time outs by 49%

In 2006, Annandale, Virginia-based PHILLIPS Programs selected Service Alternatives, Inc. to provide their crisis management training curriculum. They were drawn to RIGHT RESPONSE in large part because of its philosophical bias toward proactive, holistic approaches to safety, and its emphasis on positive behavioral support. PHILLIPS maintains campuses in two states for about 320 students who have been unmanageable in their local school district.

Within the first year of implementation, the school experienced roughly 50% drops in time outs, escorts and restraints. Additionally, they regained 1440 hours of student time in the classroom which was previously spent in Time Out. Even their claims manager noticed a drop in employee injuries! Please see attached case study for more details on the successful experience at PHILLIPS Programs.

Read more: Phillips School decreased student restraints, escorts, time outs and staff injuries...

Day Treatment School Reduces Student Violence

When a Seattle-area school district (which wishes to remain anonymous) opened their own day treatment school, they adopted the RIGHT RESPONSE program to assist with safety management. The school used the RIGHT RESPONSE Incident Tracking Database to log and assess their incidents. They were able to view the overall picture of their efforts and identify specific areas of need. The graphs below reflect the overall progress the school made in reducing student violence over the course of the school year.

  • restraint incidents before graph

    Before: During the first three months of the school year, 141 safety holds were used- primarily the 2- and 3-person floor hold. The Interventions Types graph lists interventions from least intrusive to most intrusive (left to right.)

  • restraint incidents before graph

    After: With a proactive focus on Positive Behavior Support, the last three months of the school year saw only 50 safety holds- an overall reduction of 64%! Note the shift in interventions from the most (right) to least (left) intrusive which reflects proactive effort.

Track Your Goal Progress

Incident Tracking Database

Database sample data of monthly comparison of incident data

To assist you with the analysis process, we developed the RIGHT RESPONSE Incident Tracking Database. With this database, you will track and evaluate incidents from one or more programs. Analysis centers on three main areas for concern: incident cause, intervention response and resultant outcome.

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Crisis Driven Dashboard

Crisis Driven Dashboard analysis worksheet

The Dashboard Worksheet can be used to establish a baseline of specific issues, set goals for specific issues and periodically re-assess the metrics of specific issues.

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