Workshop Learning Methods

"This was such a different experience than I was expecting and I didn't expect to come away with so many tools!" ~Typical Attendee

The RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop is more of an experience than your typical training.

Not just lecture, the Workshop integrates group discussions, activities and problem solving simulations in order to meet the learning needs of a diverse population. These experiences will not only help you learn the material presented in the training, but also help you apply your new skills to the real-world challenges you now face. The Workshop is just the first step in learning to always have the RIGHT RESPONSE because you will leave with tools to apply to those current challenges.

Your Learning Needs Prioritized

Meeting your learning needs is one of our top priorities (closely following providing you with effective tools.) Your learning accomplishment is so important, we even measure it! Every Attendee Evaluation measures your learning outcomes.

Evaluation results which show the training meets the expectations of almost all attendees

Above, you will see that the workshop meets the expectations of almost everyone. Below, you will see they also learn what they needed.

Evaluation results which show the training provides the skills of almost all attendees

Go beyond "fill-in-the-blank learning"
and mere memorization

The Workshop materials meet all three learning styles- auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Moreover, we mix them throughout the training to keep everyone interested and engaged. Because we teach you Principle-Based De-escalation, the workshop content is based on intuitive models that you likely already know to help you understand the material and remember it. Further, this material is relevant and adaptable to your intervention needs.

professionally developed, research-based educational materials

Full-Color Workbook

RIGHT RESPONSE Workbook attendees learn more because curriculum materials have been professionally designed to meet the needs of adult learners. The full-color Attendee Workbook has been designed to encourage ongoing learning and growth with a combination of activities, exercises, resources and self-reflection. You will use the workbook not only during the workshop, but afterward as you practice implementing the tools you will learn.

RIGHT RESPONSE Learning Journal

Learning Journal

The optional Learning Journal helps enhance your long-term retention and application of the material learned in the Workshop. This conveniently-sized notebook helps you maximize on-the-job use of workshop skills.

RIGHT RESPONSE Electronic Presentation

Electronic Presentation CD-ROM

The Electronic Presentation provides essential visuals to enhance your learning needs. The presentation reinforces Key Ideas, Issues to Think About and Writing Exercises. Additionally, the power of visual presentation is used to present core concepts and dynamic processes with animations, photos and video.

RIGHT RESPONSE De-escalation Video

Active Video Learning DVD

The goal of Active Video Learning™ is to engage and challenge you to actively integrate the principles of shown video examples into your professional repertoire with particular respect to your current setting and client needs. Rather than passively watching a video and expecting to be shown how a specific example worked, you will be exposed to challenges, pitfalls and even anti-models. Ultimately, your success in a real escalation scenario will be a product of determined study of all available strategies and the application of the RIGHT RESPONSE for your specific client or setting.

Keep in mind that capturing real escalations is difficult due to timing and privacy violations. Even when we do capture a real escalation on video, it may not provide definitive education as the cause and the response can vary from instance to instance based on the situation. Thusly, no one video clip will allow you to ultimately learn how to respond in all situations. Broad learning can take place, however, when a focus is placed on the principles of de-escalation and how the motivational model works so that we always have the RIGHT RESPONSE.

Active Video Learning™ segments are used to promote insight, discussion and to provide examples of de-escalation principles.

Preview of high-quality training DVD (Requires Flash)

When a video does not closely match your setting, client or particular problem, you may tune out assuming that the example does not apply to your need. Vital learning can be missed if you do not actively work to adopt all the presented concepts, principles and strategies into the context of your specific client or setting. Your instructor will assist you in learning how to apply the concepts and principles to your needs and settings.

There are responses that may come easily and naturally to you. Some responses will be challenging and difficult, requiring practice in delivery and use. Your success will be maximized when you set learning objectives for yourself, particularly with respect to the responses which are challenging for you. Remember that practice is required to become skilled in response strategies.

RIGHT RESPONSE is called a 'Workshop' because you won't just sit and listen to the instructor. Participation opportunities have been structured to help you learn the skills you need to solve your particular de-escalation challenges!


Cooperative Learning

Large and small group activities give you the opportunity to experience first-hand the concepts of de-escalation and behavior management. For best results, attend at the same time with the rest of your team since you be directly applying what you learn to the particular challenges you are trying to resolve.

Our workshops have been called the best class ever taken by numbers of staff


Another unique facet of attending the workshop comes from the discussions that take place among attendees. You can gain significant insights from the experiences of others. And since you never know where discussions will lead, every workshop is a unique experience! Even the instructors learn something new and interesting every time. Your instructor also provides consultation on how to apply to course concepts to your specific needs. When the instructor asks for questions or example issues, be sure to speak up so you get extra advice on how to address your challenges.


Demonstration, Guided Practice

Don't just hear theory, but experience live demonstrations of concepts and techniques. Workshop activities actually show you how things work. For example, Elements+ attendees will see before their eyes the abstract behavioral concepts of reinforcement and extinction. The workshop also helps you with "role play" and simulations.


Self-Reflection Exercises

Take charge of your own destiny with Self-Reflection Exercises which allow you to set your own goals. These exercises get you going during the workshop, but the workbook helps you later apply the Workshop concepts to solving your particular challenges.

Phillips School restraint reduction case study

Case Studies

Not Just Theory. Instructors will prevent Case Studies of others who have applied the the principles of the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop and the results they experienced. These real-life examples help you solve specific problems.

The RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop has a flexible curriculum format which allows the instructor to tailor the training plan to your particular needs and goals. Be sure to talk to your instructor or support specialist about your specific learning goals.

Designed for the Learning Needs of Adults

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