Instructor Trainer Certification - conduct your own Instructor Certification Courses

Experienced RIGHT RESPONSE instructors can become licensed as an Instructor Trainer. This allows you to certify a large number of RIGHT RESPONSE Instructors for your agency or others.

This is option is for you if:

  • You plan to certify dozens of instructors per year
  • You are remotely located from RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Trainers and wish to save on travel expenses
  • You wish to provide Instructor Certification Courses to other agencies for profit as part of being a licensed Independent Contractor

RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Certification Course

How It Works:

A. Instructor Trainer Qualifications

  1. An Instructor Trainer candidate must possess current and valid RIGHT RESPONSE™ Instructor certification.
  2. Must complete a minimum of six (6) RIGHT RESPONSE™ Advanced Workshops with positive attendee feedback.
  3. Must be able to pass Instructor Recertification Test with satisfactory feedback.
  4. Must have administrative approval from Contractor to become an Instructor Trainer.
  5. Must be able to teach the RIGHT RESPONSE philosophy, skills and procedures to RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor candidates.
  6. Must be able to give effective feedback and evaluate the skill level of each RIGHT RESPONSE instructor candidate.
  7. Must be able to mentor and support apprentice and independent RIGHT RESPONSE instructors
  8. Must be able to represent the RIGHT RESPONSE curriculum and program with integrity and competence

B. Instructor Trainer Certification Guidelines

  1. Instructor Trainer shall receive and study RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Trainer Guide before conducting first RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Certification Course ("ICC").
  2. Instructor Trainer shall co-teach and be observed by the RIGHT RESPONSE Master Trainer during the first ICC taught by Instructor Trainer candidate. Contractor shall cover travel expenses for SA Master Trainer and may charge these expenses to their clients.
  3. Instructor Trainer must teach a minimum of two (2) RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Certification Courses every year to maintain Instructor Trainer status.
  4. Instructor Trainer must maintain current and valid Instructor Certification as attached hereto as Exhibit C ("Certification Guidelines").
  5. In no event shall an Instructor Trainer’s Certification be extended beyond the term of one (1) year from the date of commencement of the Instructor Trainer ICC without recertifying. After the first year of certification, the Instructor Trainer must be observed by a Master Trainer independently teaching an ICC to be recertified. The Instructor Trainer must be observed every 2 years thereafter. These observations can be performed in person or can be submitted via live or recorded video, at the agreement of both Service Alternatives and Contractor. Contractor shall cover travel expenses for SA Master Trainer and may charge these expenses to their clients.
  6. In the event Contractor, its employees or Instructors breach this Agreement or act in a manner inconsistent with the responsibilities and duties of Contractor, Service Alternatives reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revoke any Instructor Trainer’s certification or to allow probationary certification which may be subject to additional consultation provided by Service Alternatives at the Contractor’s expense.

C. Instructor Trainer Responsibilities

  1. Instructors shall conduct Instructor Certification Courses without adding or omitting any significant portion of the Course as provided by Service Alternatives. Instructor may supplement the Course only in such a manner that the Courses are conducted consistently with the concepts and techniques of RIGHT RESPONSE™.
  2. Service Alternatives shall only issue RIGHT RESPONSE™ Instructor Certificates to Instructor Candidates who complied with the requirements in the RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Trainer Guide and also have successfully completed the RIGHT RESPONSE™ Instructor Certification Course for either the Advanced Instructor Certification or the Elements Instructor Certification in its entirety.
  3. Instructor Trainers must provide mentorship support to Instructor Candidates trained by Instructor Trainer.
  4. Instructor Trainers may conduct Instructor Recertification Courses in accordance to the RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Trainer Guide for currently certified and licensed RIGHT RESPONSE Instructors.

D. Service Alternatives Responsibilities

  1. Only Service Alternatives may issue certifications and recertifications to Instructor Candidates taught by Instructor Trainer.
  2. Upon payment by Contractor of certification fees for each and every Instructor Candidate successfully trained by Contractor, SA shall certify or recertify Instructor Candidate according to the certification guidelines, attached hereto as Exhibit C ("Certification Guidelines"), or such guidelines as may hereinafter be issued by SA. Only SA shall issue certifications and recertifications using an official form to Participants and Instructors.
  3. Service Alternatives shall only issue RIGHT RESPONSE™ certificates to Instructors once Instructors have submitted all required paperwork by mail or online to Service Alternatives. Service Alternatives retains the exclusive right to certify, or not to certify, any person to be an Instructor, but shall not unreasonably withhold instructor certification. Certificates for Instructors shall be valid for a period of one (1) to two (2) years from the date of commencement of the Instruction Certification Course. A RIGHT RESPONSE™ certificate is only valid if issued using an official form of certification provided by Service Alternatives.

RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Trainer Certification is a one-time fee of $4,999.00 each. Instructor Certification for every instructor trained is billed according to current RIGHT RESPONSE Wholesale Payment Schedule.

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