Independent Contractor - for Sales of RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops

Independent Sales Contractor Program allows Contractors to find clients in their Area, including individuals and organizations, to contract with Service Alternatives to sell and to provide RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops and Workshop Materials to clients in their Area.

To further support the ability for agencies and individuals to gain access to RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops, you have access to the Independent Sales Contractor Program. This program is for entrepreneurial agencies who wish to add the sales of RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops, licensing and supplies to the business mix. Wholesale prices increase your profitability with this plan.

As an Independent Sales Contractor you will gain greater profit margins on the certification fees for external attendees which are set for a volume basis and dramatically reduced compared the standard license agreement. Please request a Prospectus for more details.

You may sell instructor licensing and receive commission from referring attendees to us for support. Additionally you will benefit from wholesale pricing on workshop supplies which you may use for your own staff workshops or for use in external sales.

How It Works:

A. Contractor sells and conducts RIGHT RESPONSE™ Workshops, and performs the following:

  1. Obtains prospective clients by promoting, marketing and selling to clients.
  2. Completes sales transactions.
  3. Services clients in the Area.
  4. Arranges and conducts Participant Workshops in accordance with Service Alternatives' Workshop Requirements and Certification Guidelines.
  5. Maintains current and valid instructor certification to teach and conduct RIGHT RESPONSE™ Workshops.
  6. Allows Service Alternatives to issue certification or recertification to Participants.

B. Contractor offers and sells RIGHT RESPONSE™ Workshop Licenses to organizational clients and sells Instructor Certification Courses, and performs the following:

  1. Recruits agencies/organizations to enter into licenses with Service Alternatives.
  2. Recruits Instructor Candidates to attend Instructor Certification Courses.
  3. Completes sales transactions.
  4. Arranges Instructor Certification Course logistics and coordinates with Service Alternatives.
  5. Allows Service Alternatives to conduct all Instructor Certification Courses on behalf of Contractor if Contractor is not certified as an Instructor Trainer by Service Alternatives. Service Alternatives manages instructor recertification process.
  6. Covers travel expenses for a Service Alternatives Instructor Trainer to travel and to conduct onsite Instructor Certification Courses in the Area.
  7. At Service Alternatives' sole discretion and by invitation only, Contractor or its employee may be selected to receive training and certification as an Instructor Trainer at Contractor’s expense in order to teach Instructor Candidates and conduct Instructor Certification Courses as described in Exhibit L (“Instructor Trainer Certification”).

C. Contractor may sell RIGHT RESPONSE™ Workshop Materials to clients in the Area.

D. Contractor may offer and conduct consultation services with clients in the Area who are current customers and actively using RIGHT RESPONSE regarding implementation of RIGHT RESPONSE™ concepts and techniques without payment to SA.

E. Contractor is required to obtain and carry commercial general liability insurance during the period that Contractor or its employee conducts RIGHT RESPONSE™ Workshops and uses the Workshop Materials or certifications by naming Service Alternatives as an additional named insured, in compliance with local laws applicable to Contractor or its employee.

F. Service Alternatives will provide Contractor with sales support including printable brochures, logos and consultation as deemed necessary by SA.

G. The Area shall be determined by Contractor and Service Alternatives for non-exclusive representation for RIGHT RESPONSE™ services.

H. Proposed Payment Terms:

  1. Contractor may charge his or her clients whatever fees Contractor deems appropriate for selling and conducting RIGHT RESPONSE™ Workshops.
  2. Contractor may pay Service Alternatives wholesale purchase prices for RIGHT RESPONSE™ Workshop Materials to be used in connection with Workshops.
  3. Contractor shall pay Service Alternatives a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $1,500 if Contractor is an individual contractor or in the amount of $3,000 if Contractor is an organizational contractor. The deposit will be applied to the following required certification payments due by Contractor to Service Alternatives.
  4. Contractor may earn commissions for the sales of workshop attendance at SA. See ‘You sell, they attend at SA’ section of Payment Schedule.
  5. Contractor shall pay Service Alternatives for sales of RIGHT RESPONSE according to the payments listed in Exhibit K ("Payment Schedule").

What are you trying to achieve? Tell us what you need today and we’ll develop a plan for you shortly.