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Evidence-based Training Success: Confidence in the RIGHT RESPONSE

You want a training program that works. Even more, you need a training program which will empower your attendees to solve behavior challenges and manage violent behavior. But as you know every situation is different and every escalation has its own unique challenges.

Fortunately, the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop meets all of these criteria. How do you know your staff will achieve these goals? Look at the achievement of others who have attended the workshop. Every attendee evaluation contains statistical measurements on their feelings of safety, ability to manage any situation and to create co-operative safety plans within their workplace environment.

Evaluation result which shows an increase in attendee confidence to respond in any situation!

Take for example the above result which shows an increase in attendee confidence to respond in any situation! Would you like your staff to have this much confidence in their skills?

Evaluation results which show the training meets the expectations of almost all attendees

Above, you will see that the workshop meets the expectations of almost everyone. Below, you will see they also learn what they needed.

Evaluation results which show the training provides the skills of almost all attendees

Learn more about the the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop Feedback Evaluation.

Compare with CPI

Compare the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop with Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI). Note the amount of fees charged by CPI and the upward price trend.


Comparison of registration fee for Instructor Certification Course. Note the (linear) projection of costs for the next several years based on previous price history.

Save 61% over CPI NCI for Crisis Management Training

Attendee Certification: 1 day $1049 / 2 day $1599 1 day $175 / 2 day $250
(save 84%)
Instructor Certification: $3584 Start-up cost
$150 annual dues
$1999 Start-up cost
Instructor Recertification: $1119 (24 hours, plus travel)
every 4 years
$0 (4-8 hours, no travel)
Participant Certification Fee: $4 each $0 (unlimited license)
Costs by year 4 $3584, plus 7 days travel (2 trips) $1999 (save 61%)

Download the price comparison chart

Compare Physical Safety and Restraint Intervention Techniques

The RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop includes 1, 2 and 3-person interventions. CPI has only 2-person interventions. Learn more about Physical Intervention Techniques.

Total Techniques Available

63 total techniques RIGHT RESPONSE

13 total techniques CPI

CPI crisis intervention training techniques comparison

Instruction in the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop features a building block approach to physical skills instruction. These skills are presented just when needed to learn a specific technique. Latter techniques are based upon the skills already learned with previous techniques.

Download the techniques comparison chart

Save 53% over Mandt for Crisis Management Training

Attendee Certification: 16 hours 14 hours (13% less hours)
Advanced Instructor Certification: $2370 32 hours $1999 28 hours (13% less hours)
Advanced Instructor Recertification: $1845 every 2 years $0 (~4 hours annually)
Costs by year 3 $4215 48 hours $1999 (25% less hours)

Prices as published January 29, 2018

Survey Results of Licensed Agencies

Response rate for licensed RIGHT RESPONSE Instructors: 55.5%
Response rate for their Administrators (some of whom are also instructors): 31.1%

  Instructors Administrators
RIGHT RESPONSE makes a difference where I work. 99% 100% Agree
RIGHT RESPONSE is worth the time. 99% 100% Agree
RIGHT RESPONSE is worth the money. 96% 98% Agree
When I completed the Instructor Certification Course, I left with everything I needed to get started teaching RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops. 90% 98% Agree
Attendees have what they need to get started applying what they learned once they leave workshop. 97% 98% Agree
RIGHT RESPONSE has resulted in tangible change. 93% 89% Agree
The staff at RIGHT RESPONSE help me meet my needs. 100% 98% Agree

See the full 2011 Instructor Survey Results

Comparison Points:

Consider the following issues when comparing program. Which of these are important to you?

  • How is prevention defined within a training and is the concept used proactively?
  • What language is used to describe physical intervention and does it match its stated role in the curriculum?
  • Are aversive techniques addressed in the curriculum and are they presented for use or to be avoided?
  • Is the issue of abuse prevention addressed in the curriculum and how is it addressed?
  • What is the predominant teaching methodology utilized by the training program? How many learning styles are addressed?
  • What evidence is provided by the program that it achieves learning outcomes and performance standards?
  • What is the research and evidence-basis for the training program's core content?
  • How does the training program specifically or generically comply with statutory requirements?

Download the Crisis Training Discussion Questions

Wanted! Clients with High Expectations

Clients with high standards, specific goals and dedication to follow-through achieve the greatest outcomes following a training. We recognize that your motivation translates to your success. Our process is to conduct a thorough assessment of your needs, develop a specific training plan and then follow-up on the training success to ensure that your training needs are fully met. Yes, this process is more time consuming than if you were to purchase off-the-shelf training and, yes, it will require you to communicate openly with us about your true problems. It is your willingness to share openly with us that provides us with the information we need to truly help you solve your problems.

What are you trying to achieve? Tell us what you need today and we’ll develop a plan for you shortly.