Training Workshop Certification Options

There are several layers of certification within the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop. Instructor Trainers certify Instructors who teach the workshops to attendees. Most people who attend will receive an Attendee Certification which is described below. Only those planning to teach RIGHT RESPONSE need to also review the Instructor Certification information below.


Attendee Certification

Attendees of RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops can receive certification for completing the training. The certification is required by some regulations or job classifications. The length of certification varies by the level of training and ranges from one to two years. Certification is based on instructor approval and supervision of attendee participation, especially with physical skills. A written test may also be used for certification where desired or required. The Certification curriculum leverages the latest advances of adult learning methods and conforms to the most typical standards in restraint and seclusion policies.

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Attendee Recertification

When you first attend a Certification Workshop, we tell you what you should be doing to address crisis proactively. But when you return for recertification, we ask, "What have you been doing and how has it been working?" The Recertification curriculum is not just a rehash of the certification workshop but is designed to further embed and extend your original learning. Instructors provide consultation on addressing your particular challenges. With the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop Recertification Workshop, you can fine-tine your intervention process in order to become more successful.

To qualify for a Recertification Workshop, you need a current certification or it has been no more than 90 days since your certification expired. After the 90-day Grace Period, you need to attend a Certification Workshop in order to gain a current certification again. You can check your Recertification status below by entering your Certification expiration date.

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Instructor Certification

For agencies who wish to save money and add convenience by conducting their own RIGHT RESPONSE Certification Workshops, choose the Agency Licensing and Instructor Certification Course (Train-the-Trainer) option. Choose from two levels of Instructor Certification, depending on how much of the training curriculum you need to provide, which is covered in a 3 - 4 day Instructor Certification Course.

Instructor Candidates learn the RIGHT RESPONSE curriculum in the first half of the course and then most of the second half is devoted to giving you time for practice teaching. You will receive a detailed Instructor Guide which includes (at no extra cost) a CD-ROM and DVD used for instruction. Instructors receive phone and email support from their Instructor Trainer and other support staff at RIGHT RESPONSE. Certified Instructors are required to teach a minimum number of training hours each year in order to qualify for Recertification.

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Instructor Recertification

After qualifying for Recertification by teaching the minimum required training hours, instructors can recertify in one of two ways: Take a test (online or on paper) or attend an Instructor Recertification Course. There is no charge for the test option and there is a charge for the course option. Like the Attendee Recertification, Instructor Recertification challenges instructors to extend their abilities with implementation challenges and the introduction of current research and news.

Instructors need to complete Recertification no more than 90 days since expiration. You can check your Recertification status below by entering your Certification expiration date.

Instructor Trainer

For large agencies and associations who wish to conduct their own RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Certification Courses, there is the option for an experienced (more than one year) Certified Instructor to be certified as an Instructor Trainer. Certified RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Trainers can conduct RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Certification Courses. Contact us directly to learn more about RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Trainer Certification.

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