Attendance Options

RIGHT RESPONSE offers many options for meeting your training needs. You have your own priorities and constraints so we offer many different ways for you to meet your training needs.



Independent Study

Get started right now with independent study options! Currently, the best place to start is by downloading the free de-escalation eBook, "De-escalate Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime: Unplug the Power Struggle with Principle-Based De-escalation."

There are more online support and training options coming soon.


Video Learning

Visit our YouTube channel for presentations, interviews and tips: [link]

The RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop features Active Video Learning™ which is used during instructor-led workshops to engage and challenge you to actively integrate the principles of shown video examples into your repertoire and setting. Rather than passively watching a video and expecting to be shown how a specific example worked, you will be exposed to challenges, pitfalls and even anti-models.

Certified RIGHT RESPONSE Instructors have access to the RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Reference Video which is designed to assist instructors with mastering the consistent and effective instruction of RIGHT RESPONSE Physical Safety skills. Instructors benefit from using this video by being able to view and review each skill as it is demonstrated by an Instructor Trainer. This video is particularly useful for new instructors or for infrequently presented skills. This product is designed for use by an instructor as a resource when developing excellent instruction skills and is not to replace the live demonstration and instruction which is critical to safe learning.


Group Presentations

RIGHT RESPONSE provides presentations on a number of topics including De-escalation, Abuse Identification and Prevention, Use Of Force Policy Development, Critical Event Debriefing, Training Development and Implementation. Presentations are delivered in-person, at conferences, via webinar and phone conference. Please contact us for more information about presenting to your group.

De-escalate Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime is the one-hour presentation version of the free de-escalation eBook which has been presented to conferences, staff in-services and webinars across the country. You can ask us to present this for you, find a scheduled presentation, or you can become a presenter for free. We are giving away this free, one-hour de-escalation presentation.


Instructor-Led Training Workshops

The primary training method for RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops is Instructor-Led Classroom Training which maximizes your learning experience. Experienced instructors help you learn the material in relation to your particular challenges and goals. Instructors can also tailor the curriculum to the specific policy and procedure requirements of your work setting.

Find Instructor-Led Training Workshops on the workshop schedule. You can also schedule at training on your timeline when you host an onsite workshop. For agencies who will conduct several trainings per year or more, you can conduct your own with certified instructors.


Attending a RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop is easy with 3 ways to meet your needs:

Attend a Scheduled Workshop - Service Alternatives Training Institute and many others conduct workshops regularly on a scheduled basis. With many locations and scheduled dates, you will be able to find just the workshop to meet your needs. Please choose your training version in order to start your Workshop Schedule search.

Host an Onsite Workshop - Have a whole group to train? Easy! We'll come to you! Just name the time and place and we'll conduct a workshop at your location. Our Training Specialists regularly travel to deliver customized trainings for groups like yours. Since many of our solutions are team-based it just makes sense to have your whole team attend together. Check our availability

Instructor Certification - DIY Do It Yourself - train your own trainer. License your agency and train your own staff as a Certified RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor. This is the most cost effective model for long-term training of staff within your agency. (See below for more details.)


Instructor Certification Courses

For agencies who wish to save money and add convenience by conducting their own RIGHT RESPONSE Certification Workshops, choose the Agency Licensing and Instructor Certification Course (Train-the-Trainer) option. Choose from two levels of Instructor Certification depending on how much of the training curriculum you need to provide. Learn more about the RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Certification Course.

  • Conduct unlimited workshops for your staff
  • Effective integration and reinforcement of procedures
  • Include your agency policies & standards
  • Have a crisis 'expert' on staff ready for facilitation
  • Effective way to manage your liabilities
  • Earn extra money by hosting external attendees

Attend a Scheduled Instructor Certification Course - Service Alternatives Training Institute conducts ICCs on a regularly scheduled basis. With many locations and scheduled dates, you will be able to find just the workshop to meet your needs. View Schedule

Host an Onsite Instructor Certification Course - Have at least 4 Instructor Candidates? We'll come to you at your location so that you only pay for one person's travel. Our Instructor Trainers regularly conduct Onsite Instructor Certification Courses across the country. Note volume discounts are available for 5 or more Instructor Candidates at a time. Check our availability


Independent Contractor

Certified RIGHT RESPONSE Instructors may request the opportunity to offer RIGHT RESPONSE Training Workshops in their area or audience type as an independent contractor. Independent Contractors recruit their own training audiences and set their own prices for training services. Contractors pay for the RIGHT RESPONSE certifications of their training attendees at set prices. Contact us directly to learn more about RIGHT RESPONSE Independent Contractor options.

Contact Us for Support

Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

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