Incident Tracking Database

A crucial step in the training process involves assessing the results of your training efforts. To assist you with the analysis process, we developed the RIGHT RESPONSE Incident Tracking Database. With this database, you will track and evaluate incidents from one or more programs. Analysis centers on three main areas for concern: incident cause, intervention response and resultant outcome.

Additionally, you will assess data for specific clients/students, staff or programs. You will review incidents with injuries, which occur in specific locations and gender issues. With specially-designed graphs, you will be able assess therapeutic progress and actually view trends in incidents and responses.

restraint de-escalation incident tracking database

Database Features

The database is programmed for Microsoft Access (Windows only) and has been tested in Office 2003 and Office 2007. You will need to designate one computer as the home for the database file and data entry.

The central database activity involves entering incidents and their details. To provide continuity with the database, a blank incident form is provided which matches all the fields found within the database.

You can customize the database to suit your needs. Add your own names, location, programs, outcome type and report title. Because this is a relational database, you enter record content only once for each type.

For programs such as schools, which do not run every day, you can enter the number of service days for each month so that you can compare incident rates equally from one month to the next.


The RIGHT RESPONSE Incident Tracking Database (Item RR-DBA) is available for the price of $299 each copy, plus sales tax. You need only one copy per agency or district, unless you need to keep data separate. Electronic delivery is free.

Choose from the Agency version, labeled with client, or the School version, labeled with student (they are otherwise the same database.) Please indicate the version on your order form.

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restraint de-escalation incident tracking details

Add/ Edit Incidents:

  • Incident Date
  • Start, End Time
  • Location
  • Primary, 2nd, 3rd Client/Student
  • Primary, 2nd, 3rd Staff
  • Primary, Secondary Incident Type
  • Primary, Secondary Intervention Type
  • Primary, Secondary Outcome
  • Client/Student Injury
  • Staff Injury
  • Description

4 Lists

  • Incidents Cause/Effect History
  • Incident Types
  • Intervention Types
  • Outcome Types

10 Reports

  • Incidents All
  • Incidents All Date Range
  • Incidents by Type
  • Incidents for a specific Program
  • Incidents for a specific Program and Date
  • Incidents for a specific Staff
  • Incidents for a specific Staff and Date
  • Incidents for a specific Client/Student
  • Incidents for a specific Client/Student & Date
  • Incidents Specific

31 Graphs

  • Average Incidents per Month
  • Average Incidents per Month Staff
  • Average Incidents per Month Client/Student
  • Duration Report
  • Duration Report Specific Staff
  • Duration Report Specific Client/Student
  • Incident per Location
  • Incident per Program
  • Incident Types
  • Incident Types Primary Client/Student
  • Incident Types Staff
  • Incident Types Client/Student
  • Incidents by Gender Staff
  • Incidents by Gender Client/Student
  • Incidents per Hour
  • Incidents per Specific Client/Student Monthly
  • Incidents per Staff
  • Incidents per Client/Student
  • Incidents per Weekday
  • Injuries per Month Staff Average
  • Injuries per Month Client/Student Avg
  • Intervention Types
  • Intervention Types per Primary Client
  • Intervention Types per Staff
  • Intervention Types per Client/Student
  • Intervention Types - specific incident
  • Outcome Types - specific incident
  • Outcome Types - specific intervention
  • Outcome Types
  • Outcome Types Staff
  • Outcome Types Client/Student

Sample Database Images

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restraint incidents durations graph restraint incidents per hour graph
restraint incidents monthly graph restraint incidents staff injuries graph
restraint incidents gender graph restraint incidents students graph
restraint incidents weekday graph

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