Saskatchewan region Certification Workshop Schedule

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Other current options for you:

Free De-escalation eBook

  • Remain in control at all times.
  • Support anyone, anywhere, with any issue.
  • Avoid the wrong response which can make the situation worse.

Imagine dealing with any situation. Learn 5 surprises and 3 Guiding Principles, that will allow you to remain in control at all times, support anyone, anywhere, with any issue, and avoid the wrong response which can make the situation worse.

Is it really possible to de-escalate anyone, anywhere, anytime? Yes! Imagine yourself dealing with any scenario with anyone, anywhere, with confidence and long-term foresight. This is possible with a Principle-Based approach to de-escalation.

Check out the free de-escalation eBook!

If you are new to de-escalation, this book will introduce the guiding principles that form the basis for today's professional behavioral interventions and emergency response protocols. If you are experienced, this book will serve as a valuable affirmation or even help you fuse together varied, previous trainings into a consistent and potent practice.

Attend a De-escalation Presentation


A 1-hour, in-person presentation gives you a first-hand experience with learning to De-escalate Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. Covering the same information as the De-escalation eBook above, attending a presentation in-person provides you with the opportunity to connect with others who are pursuing de-escalation skills.

  • Attend a De-escalation Presentation
  • Watch a De-escalation Presentation
  • Become a De-escalation Presenter (free)