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Learn how to best support people through challenging situations and identify stressors that cause high alert. Apply constructive techniques that ease conflict and build rapport.

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Because we’ve all been there: your child is having a tantrum in the grocery store, you’ve found yourself in an uncomfortable conflict with a customer service rep, a difficult client is trying your patience. RIGHT RESPONSE equips you with the self-awareness, communication skills, and confidence you need to safely and soundly de-escalate any situation. You don’t need to be a superhero to handle everything – you just need the right tools.



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It is possible to de-escalate situations that seem to be headed out of control. You just need the right tools. You’ll learn:

  • 3 guiding principles of de-escalation
  • 5 surprising findings about conflict

  • How to optimize your emotional intelligence

So when crises arise you can remain in control, avoid the wrong response, and support anyone, anywhere, with any issue.

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