Restraint Safety Cheatsheet

  1. Use Physical Interventions only for the purpose of maintaining safety.
  2. Use only techniques which lessen physical dangers by using safer positions.
  3. Use only the least intrusive intervention needed to maintain safety.
  4. Discontinue the intervention as soon as possible when the risk to safety subsides.
  5. Only use Physical Interventions in accordance to applicable laws, policies, individualized support plans and personal/professional expectations.
  6. Do not use for behavior management because research has shown it backfires as a behavior management strategy.
  7. Do not use for compliance with rules or expectations because research has shown it backfires on you.
  8. Do not use for punishment or revenge because this is no way to demonstrate respect nor maintain safety.
  9. When you do use Physical Intervention, document the specific technique and placement on the body.
  10. Perform Physical Interventions only according to an authorized training program.

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