De-escalate Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Unplug the Power Struggle
with Principle-Based De-escalation

  • Remain in control at all times.
  • Support anyone, anywhere, with any issue.
  • Avoid the wrong response which can make the situation worse.

Imagine dealing with any situation. Learn 5 surprises and 3 Guiding Principles, that will allow you to remain in control at all times, support anyone, anywhere, with any issue, and avoid the wrong response which can make the situation worse.

Is it really possible to de-escalate anyone, anywhere, anytime? Yes! Imagine yourself dealing with any scenario with anyone, anywhere, with confidence and long-term foresight. This is possible with a Principle-Based approach to de-escalation.

While no single technique will work on every person, there is a small set of principles that do apply to everyone. These principles are universal so they apply to any age person, any level of ability or disability, and any setting.

If you are new to de-escalation, this book will introduce the guiding principles that form the basis for today's professional behavioral interventions and emergency response protocols. If you are experienced, this book will serve as a valuable affirmation or even help you fuse together varied, previous trainings into a consistent and potent practice.

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Inside the Book:

  • Cover That Alarm Reaction Button
  • Situation: Stress!
  • Thinking Barriers
  • Cognitive Distortions
  • Relationships Rule
  • De-escalation Compass
  • Unplug The Power Struggle
  • Might Is Not Right
  • Crisis: Communication in Action
  • The Offense of Self-Defense
  • Now and Then?
  • The best problems are the ones you don't have anymore!
  • Prevention Manual for Behavior Problems
  • 3 Guiding Principles for Every Situation

What others are saying...

“ Easy to read, clear, understandable, does not take a lot of time. The scenarios were helpful by providing examples of how to use the techniques. ”
~Jeanne Hahn, Mental Health Therapist

“ A great read to help you manage challenging situations. Each situation is unique and one technique doesn't fit all - changing your perception of the situation can change the outcome. ”
~Tabitha Jayne, Author, Thriving Loss: Move beyond grief to a place of peace, passion and purpose

“ This book is a very good, easy to read "how to guide" for de-escalating behaviors you may be encountering in your work or in your relationship with xxxx. It helps you to see that there are common reasons why behaviors happen and takes the 'I am right, you are wrong' mindset and reaction out of the picture and replaces it with solid thinking processes and actions steps that can be easily remembered and acted upon. While I knew about cognitive distortions the book helped me to think about them more deeply in a personal situation. What I thought about personally could help me professionally as well. I think if you read this book it will help you to look at how you deal with tough behavior situations and help you decide if you need or want to learn more. It's fun to read and has real life situations that help to explain the concepts you are learning. ”
~Chris Brandt, CEO AtWork!

“ I work with families who have children with special needs and teaching them new ways to de-escalate their kids comes up all the time. Anyone who ever has a conflict with another person would benefit from this book. Which means everyone I know would, or at least should, gain something from this book. If we could even put a little bit of this into practice, the lives around us would be better. ”
~Steve Williams, President of the Board, DADSMOVE

“ This book is a great starting point in the journey to establishing the ability to de-escalate anyone, anywhere at anytime. It provides a very good cornerstone to the de-escalation process. It also provides a very important understanding of your need to look inside yourself before intervening in someone else's life or business. ”
~Mark Sherwood, Law Enforcement Trainer

“ This book will help you discover simple steps to possibly help resolve issues with seemingly difficult people. ”
~Julia Moore, Caregiver & Mom to 32 yr old DD & blind daughter

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“ An easy to read and practical resource for people that are responsible for de-escalation in their environment or for people who enjoy helping others. I think this book would be a helpful training tool for staff in many helping fields. I will use it in my environment. ”
~Barbara McCollett, Behavior Department Supervisor

“ Straightforward resource for handling conflict safely. Enjoyed the stories and application to healthcare field. ”
~Christy Conrad, HR Director

“ This is a book that is helpful for anybody who works with the public, a classroom, or an individual(s) who could be volatile or unpredictable. It gives tools to work smoothly on short or long-term relationships as well as give dignity, safety and respect to those involved. I liked the use of my own examples to personalize the information and the summaries and Advanced Tips as well as giving the goals for the information coming next. ”
~Valerie Nelson, Retired teacher; caregiver for my daughter; tester for Seattle Schools Advanced Learning Program

“ This book is a great starting point for someone dealing with de-escalation. The book touches on why and how we should be reacting in a situation. ”
~Shawn Thompson, Skagit County Juvenile Court -Detention Division Manager

“ A foundation for establishing confidence when dealing with difficult people. What had the most impact for me was the emphasis on maintaining control of yourself. For anyone wishing to gain confidence in de-escalation, this book is a must for establishing that firm foundation. I was in law enforcement for 23 years and have utilized these skills for many years. ”
~Martin Speckmaier, School Safety Consultant

“ This book that has some great points to make regarding de-escalating situations that resonated with my experiences with my stepson that might be valuable to review in case they have to deal with any escalated situations in the future. I learned the importance of staying calm and that different parts of the brain are providing different services and choosing to think and remain open to thinking. ”
~Brian Barr

“ The cover explains it effectively and succinctly: ". . .remain in control at all times [to] avoid. . [making] the situation worse." The brevity of the book was easy on the digestion. Not too much detail but certainly enough data to make it valuable. I really liked the "de-escalation compass." It was a new way of looking at an age-old problem. I thought the real-life story of "Grappling Grandma" was a helpful element. We all like "stories" and I thought this story was very helpful and did much to prove a point. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to not only educators, but police officers and social workers, too! ”
~Patrick Fitzpatrick, Risk Manager

“ While I understand the principals of de-escalation I also know that from time to time we work off our emotions at the time of the incident instead of what we know in our brain. As I was reading through this book I thought of a couple of incidents that I had handled recently by reacting to my emotions and looking back could see that I actually made things worse than better. Like the lady in the bank line sometimes saying nothing can stop a very ugly situation. The Three Guiding Principles for every situation was powerful to me. I will make a point of ensuring that all of our security specialists know them. I agree that achieving them may not be easy but it is a goal to work toward.

I thought "Surprise # 2" was one of the most important points made in the book. We need to be able to "adapt in the moment to the needs of the person we're trying to support. The only response that works every time is the right response for that specific situation." The book is a easy to read well written book with sound principles. Book is written with a common sense approach. I enjoyed the book and will read it again from time to time to keep me thinking about how I react under some situations and the need to be in control of myself. ”
~Billy Roberson, Security Manager

“ This book gives some simple principles along with some great information about the human response to situations, that will help you in challenging situations. The information was basically known to me; this booklet just puts it in a different perspective. The "new" comes from putting the principles in a logical form to think about. ”
~Cathy Kelley, Program Coordinator

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