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Want to provide a de-escalation presentation to your group? Become a De-escalation Presentation Facilitator (free)! Receive the De-escalate Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime: Unplug the Power Struggle with Principle-Based De-escalation presentation materials free of charge. A Presenter's Guide will help you facilitate a unique presentation for your group (or any group.) Additional support resources allow you to connect with other Facilitators.

The presentation has been successfully presented to administrative workgroups, staff meetings, in-service trainings, support groups, conferences and in private consultations by way of in-person and web-based presentations (webinars.)

Review the De-escalate Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Presentation contents

“ I wanted to thank you again and let you know that my training with the early childhood educators went very well Thursday. They had an excellent discussion and were able to apply the material to their classroom settings (and personal lives) right away.

I think the presenter's materials are very well organized and give the presenter opportunities to personalize to the settings in which their clients are working. I will definitely use these materials again.
~Kristina Saunsaucie, LMFT

Presenter Program Details

de-escalation presentation which skills do I need to learn

This material is provided to you to:

  1. Share ideas
  2. Provide education
  3. Increase awareness/interest in covered topics
  4. Establish relationships based on your expertise

What can you do with this:

  • Education — This presentation was developed primarily to provide effective information regarding de-escalation and behavioral intervention to people of all experience and educational levels.
  • Discussion Forum — Use this presentation to stimulate structured or spontaneous discussions regarding this subject matter. This can be particularly effective within groups who must regularly manage these issues.
  • Resource — Provide this presentation as a substitute, supplement or prelude to a formal crisis intervention training program. Depending on the needs of the attendees, this presentation could serve all of their training needs (when administrative awareness or only light intervention are needed), set the stage for enhancing learner accomplishment in formal training (this presentation ends where the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop begins, for example) or provide an effective reinforcer no matter which training an attendee previously completed.
  • Demonstrate your expertise — If you are a public speaker or Independent Contractor, this presentation can add to the repertoire of subject matter you can provide to groups.

What you get:

  • Access to eBook; freely distribute
  • Access to Presenter Guide, discussion guide
  • Access to Presenter forum
  • Listing in online Presenter directory


This presentation has been developed to minimize the need for specialized training or certification requirements (train-the-trainer.) The Presenter Guide will help you through the presentation process and provide suggestions for customizing it for your specific audiences. There are, however, inherent requirements for subject matter expertise and presenter skills:

  • Experience with de-escalation, intervention and behavior management
  • Understand the contents and objectives of the eBook and Presentation
  • Ability to understand learning needs of audience
  • Ability to relate the material to their needs
  • Ability to facilitate a positive learning environment
  • Ability to use Presentation materials and equipment


We are giving these materials to you at no charge with very few obligations. Requirements are:

  • You must present this material in whole to protect the integrity of the process, ensure that everyone who attends this presentation receives a fairly consistent experience (no matter who presents it) and to maximize designed learning outcomes.
  • You may not modify the supplied PowerPoint, Presenter Guide or eBook for the reasons cited in 1. above.
  • You may not sell the supplied PowerPoint, Presenter Guide or eBook nor their contents.
  • You may not give the supplied PowerPoint or Presenter Guide to others.
  • You may not incorporate our material into your commercial training program.
  • You must agree to these Requirements as a condition of receiving these materials.
  • There is no charge to become a Presenter or use the materials
  • There is no obligation to promote or represent the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop.


  • You may present supplemental information with this presentation.
  • You may freely copy the eBook in whole for distribution to your groups.
  • You may charge for attendance at your presentation of this material.

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