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So What?


No, this question of "So What?" is not meant as off-hand or sarcastic.  The question is actually legitimate and one that's intended to be thought-provoking when we engage with others. Do you find yourself getting into power-struggles? Do you try to convince others of your way of thinking? Do ...

Mistakes Happen


Have you ever made a mistake?  Raise your hand internally if you have. My guess is that everyone reading this raised their hand.  Mistakes happen.  It's part of the human condition.  Mistakes are frustrating, demoralizing, cause us worry, bring about shame and regret, and can leave us questioning ourselves. ...

The Right Approach to RIGHT RESPONSE

2022-12-05T18:53:58+00:0010/19/2022|Articles, Training Tips|

Original article by Steven Seiller, Service Alternatives Training Institute (revised 2022 by Elizabeth Kittel, Service Alternatives & RIGHT RESPONSE) Note: The following are helpful tips to making the most of RIGHT RESPONSE and to prepare agencies for the responsibility of keeping staff certified and safe, while considering the costs ...

Can you de-escalate anyone, anywhere, anytime?

2022-12-05T18:54:30+00:0010/07/2022|About De-Escalation, Articles|

Is it really possible to de-escalate anyone, anywhere, anytime? Yes! Imagine yourself dealing with any scenario with anyone, anywhere, with confidence and long-term foresight. This is possible with a Principle-Based approach to de-escalation. Firstly, What is Not De-escalation? Always remember that someone who is escalated is under stress and ...

Maximizing regulatory accountability

2022-12-05T18:55:21+00:0010/07/2022|Articles, Policy and Regulation|

How do you reduce: Legal exposure Media exposure Community scrutiny Legal costs Insurance costs Compliance costs Regulatory penalties Steps Toward Regulatory Accountability Assessment is needed in order to identify your regulatory requirements. Statutes vary greatly by state and service. You may be subject to multiple requirements. Tip: Be sure ...

How do you get rid of a behavior problem?

2022-12-05T18:55:39+00:0010/07/2022|Articles, Training Tips|

Research-proven best practice shows Prevention is the dominant paradigm for dealing with Bullying, Cancer, Crime, Disease, Fire, Risk Management, Suicide, and Theft. Research clearly states that the use of restraint and seclusion is an ineffective, costly and dangerous strategy for reducing challenging behavior. The best crisis is the one ...

Utilizing Postvention to prevent problems

2022-12-05T18:55:47+00:0010/06/2022|Articles, Training Tips|

Hindsight Improves Foresight℠ Prevention is the preparation before an event to ensure it doesn't happen. Postvention is what you learn after an event that allows you to prevent it from happening again. Maybe you were unable to foresee or prevent this incident from happening this time, but what you ...

Prevent crises by understanding how stress affects you

2022-12-05T18:55:55+00:0010/06/2022|Articles, Training Tips|

Why ask if someone's behavior stresses you out? An approach to prevent and manage crisis and de-escalation begins with self awareness and self care. These preventative strategies are paramount and begin long before the crisis or escalation ever happens. Research-proven best practice shows Prevention is the dominant paradigm for dealing with ...

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