Results-Driven Training Plan


Simply complete a Results-Driven Training Plan with the staff of RIGHT RESPONSE specifying what you plan to achieve by when. If you don't achieve the specified results, simply ask for a refund of the training fees you paid.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Get started with a Results-Driven Training Plan.

The Plan Format

Your plan will include the following items for each critical issue:

  • Description:
  • Current extent of problem:
  • How is the issue measured?
  • Target Goal:
  • Target Date:
  • How will the target goal be measured?
  • Training Supports Required:
  • Client Administrative Supports Required:

Download the Results-Driven Training Plan Form

Track Your Goal Progress

Incident Tracking Database

Database sample data of monthly comparison of incident data

To assist you with the analysis process, we developed the RIGHT RESPONSE Incident Tracking Database. With this database, you will track and evaluate incidents from one or more programs. Analysis centers on three main areas for concern: incident cause, intervention response and resultant outcome.

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Crisis Driven Dashboard

Crisis Driven Dashboard analysis worksheet

The Dashboard Worksheet can be used to establish a baseline of specific issues, set goals for specific issues and periodically re-assess the metrics of specific issues.

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How has RIGHT RESPONSE helped you and your team? Were there any unexpected changes that came from learning the material? How have you measured your results with data analysis?

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