Instructor Qualifications

Service Alternatives Training Institute has a rigorous apprentice program for all company RIGHT RESPONSE trainers to ensure that you receive the highest standard of education and service. Instructors who are sent to you to conduct on-site workshops typically have at least one year of mentorship while teaching within a supervised setting.

Our Instructor Trainers, who conduct Instructor Certification Courses, have conducted hundreds and hundreds of workshops in a variety of settings to thousands of attendees. The current Master Trainer has been conducting these trainings since 1997.

Apprentice Instructors

The following requirements apply to Service Alternatives Training Institute trainers who conduct RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops.

  • Apprentice Instructors must team-teach with another RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor at least six times before requesting Independent Status.
  • Apprentice Instructors must complete and submit Peer and Self Evaluations to their Mentor Instructor after each Workshop.
  • Apprentice Instructors must be observed by an Instructor Trainer during their first Workshop.
  • Apprentice Instructors must be observed by an Instructor Trainer in order to receive Independent Status.

Independent RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor (Internal Workshops)

Once an Instructor acheives Independent Status, they gain experience by teaching within the Service Alternatives Training Institute Classrooms. These Workshops are attended by a variety of staff, families and foster parents who provide a variety of services within Service Alternatives to adults, children and families of all ages, settings and disabilities.

  • Must have co-taught a minimum of 6 Workshops and pass the observation.
  • Embed RIGHT RESPONSE philosophy in a fluent manner-in language, examples, etc. throughout Workshop.
  • Must be able to apply RIGHT RESPONSE philosophy and techniques in a variety of different service settings.
  • Must know how to use the Instructor Guide.
  • Must be able to embed the philosophy throughout the material.
  • Must be able to keep and observe RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop time frames.
  • Be familiar with the Workshop materials; know how to use them and teach them in accordance with the Workshop design.
  • Be able to reinforce taught concepts in effective and timely ways.
  • Create an effective, safe and non-threatening learning environment.
  • Represent Service Alternatives in a positive and professional manner.
  • Adapt teaching approaches to the experience and abilities of the participants.
  • Be prepared to answer questions or know how to find answers.
  • Provide for the health and safety of the participants by
    • Ensuring the room is clear of any hazards.
    • Give effective participation and safety instructions.
    • Supervising all practice.
    • Enforcing practice guidelines.
    • Seeking out and adjusting to any physical limitations of participants.
  • Be able to competently demonstrate and explain all skills taught.
  • Provide participants with constructive feedback and directions.
  • Evaluate participant skills and develop effective strategies to help participants who are having a difficult time mastering the material.
  • Convey information regarding a disruptive participant to their supervisor.
  • Complete all paperwork and billing requirements in the prescribed fashion.
  • Evaluate your own performance.
  • Accept feedback from and give feedback to co-instructors.
  • Continually study the curriculum and work to improve your knowledge and skills.

Independent RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor (External Workshops)

Once an Independent Instructor gains enough experience (typically more than one year) and the approval of their supervisor, they may be allowed to conduct on-site Workshops for the clients of Service Alternatives Training Institute. They must meet the following requirements:

  • Must meet all the criteria above for an independent RIGHT RESPONSE instructor.
  • Must have independently taught a minimum number of 6 Workshops.
  • Must be able to apply RIGHT RESPONSE philosophy and techniques in a variety of different service settings.
  • Must be able to keep and observe RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop time frames.
  • Must complete tasks on Workshop Procedural Checklist for trainers conducting external Workshops.
  • Must have understanding of client’s service model, policies and regulations in relation to Workshop content.
  • Must appear professional and polished.
  • Must have general knowledge of outside RIGHT RESPONSE support process so that some level of marketing can be done.
  • Must be able to provide effective customer service.
  • Report any client requests or problems to support consultant for follow-up.
  • Must be able to manage purchases for training food and supplies and return proper financial documentation.
  • Must be able to maintain presentation equipment or manage client equipment effectively and safely.
  • Must be able to independently travel to client location on time as well as manage travel and accommodation logistics.

RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Trainer

New instructors are taught by Instructor Trainers and we carefully select only the best and most qualified instructors for this level of certification. Instructor Trainers conduct Instructor Certification Courses both with Service Alternatives Training Institute and at client locations.

  • Must meet criteria above for an Independent RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor (internal and external).
  • Experience in teaching external Workshops.
  • Must pass the RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor test.
  • Must be able to apply RIGHT RESPONSE philosophy and techniques in a variety of different service settings.
  • Must understand how the philosophy is intertwined with the material.
  • Must be thoroughly familiar with the Instructor Guide, all levels of certification requirements and all training procedures (internal and external).
  • Must be able to teach the RIGHT RESPONSE philosophy, skills and procedures to RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor candidates.
  • Must be able to give effective feedback and evaluate the skill level of each RIGHT RESPONSE instructor.
  • Must be able to mentor and support apprentice and independent RIGHT RESPONSE instructors.
  • Must be able to represent the RIGHT RESPONSE curriculum and program with integrity and competence.

Note: The requirements above apply only to Instructors who are employees of Service Alternatives Training Institute and are significantly more stringent than those requirements of licensed instructors. Learn more about becoming Certified Instructor