RIGHT RESPONSE is the best-in-class de-escalation training for

people who interact with people.

people who interact with people.

Our techniques are grounded in real-world experience and refined by modern day challenges. We believe that anyone can make a positive impact when given the right tools.

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Universal Principles that Work

Our tried-and-true universal principles give you the power to influence everyday situations.  From navigating difficult conversations to defusing tense encounters, RIGHT RESPONSE teaches you how to de-escalate anyone, anywhere, anytime. When you learn how to manage yourself, you can manage anything – and that is an incredible feeling.


Create low-conflict zones in your life and work

Learn how to manage yourself and your environment so you can create a safe, respectful, conflict-free space before crises occur.

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Apply powerful techniques to dissolve conflict

De-escalate anyone, anywhere, anytime with practical, easy access tools that help you confidently navigate challenging scenarios.

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Learn from past conflict; prepare for the future

Examine and understand your past interactions so you learn from crises and become a better responder next time.

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Your De-Escalation Toolkit

RIGHT RESPONSE is your essential toolkit for responding to stressful situations. Because we’ve all been there: your child is having a tantrum in the grocery store, you’ve found yourself in an uncomfortable conflict with a customer service rep, a difficult client is trying your patience. RIGHT RESPONSE training equips you with the self awareness, communication skills, and confidence you need to safely and soundly de-escalate any situation, anytime, anywhere.

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A History of Service

The RIGHT RESPONSE story begins with our parent company, Service Alternatives, a values-based human services agency committed to helping people reach their full potential. In 1993, Service Alternatives was seeking a more person-centered, prevention-based crisis training program. Unable to find what we needed, we began developing that program ourselves. Through extensive research, evidence-based refinement, and real world testing, RIGHT RESPONSE was born. Powered by its positive impact, RIGHT RESPONSE has become an industry leader with a lasting commitment to its founding values.

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Working with Humankind

RIGHT RESPONSE clients and customers are people just like you- diverse, dynamic, and unique. Our de-escalation training is based on universal principles that apply to anyone, so our capacity to impact others is extraordinary. We work with clients in health care, education, social services, and a variety of other settings. Whether you are an individual or part of a company, RIGHT RESPONSE provides a toolkit that equips you to navigate challenging situations, teaching principle-based de-escalation techniques that improve outcomes.

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Best in class de-escalation training

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What Our Students are Saying

Kind words from RIGHT RESPONSE trainees and administrators.


RIGHT RESPONSE continues to be a wonderful addition to our programs. I do feel your training contributes to the mindfulness of our care.

Belinda Grames

Evergreen Supported Living


I feel everyone who works in Special Ed or is a teacher should be required to take this course. I have a better understanding of the PBS as well. Great program!

Rose Riccabona-Iyer

Para-Educator, LWSD


I really liked the curriculum because it illustrated how I could make changes in myself to de-escalate situations. It was very thorough and very helpful.

Toni Jones

Teacher, Suquamish Tribe

Our Impact

For more than 20 years, RIGHT RESPONSE has provided industry-leading de-escalation training. Post-workshop surveys of our attendees, instructors, and administrators speak to our results.



Attendees agree that the workshop met their expectations.



Instructors agree our training makes a difference.



Attendees believe they acquired the skills they needed.



Administrators agree RIGHT RESPONSE is worth the money.



Increase in confidence to de-escalate.

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It is possible to de-escalate situations that seem to be headed out of control. You just need the right tools. You’ll learn:

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  • 5 surprising findings about conflict

  • How to optimize your emotional intelligence

So when crises arise you can remain in control, avoid the wrong response, and support anyone, anywhere, with any issue.

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