Long-Term Care Workers Training Options

Initiative 1163 enacted increased training and certification requirements for workers hired on or after January 7, 2012. Most new direct care workers (now called long-term care workers) must take 75 hours of training within 120 days of hire. Also, most long-term care workers must become certified home care aides within 150 days of hire.

Long-Term Care Workers includes all persons who are long-term care workers for the elderly or persons with disabilities, including but not limited to individual providers of home care services, direct care employees of home care agencies, providers of home care services to persons with developmental disabilities under Title 71 RCW, all direct care workers in state-licensed boarding homes, assisted living facilities, and adult family homes, respite care providers, community residential service providers (training requirements exempt until 2016), and any other direct care worker providing home or community-based services to the elderly or persons with functional disabilities or developmental disabilities.

See DSHS Training Requirements, Information, and Application Forms for:

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

As of 7/1/2012, all long term care workers (LTC) must complete 12 hours of Continuing Education (CE). Learn more about who is required to take CE and when.

Meeting your Population Specific and Continuing Education needs:

Service Alternatives Training Institute is approved by DSHS as a Community Instructor to provide Population Specific and Continuing Education training classes. The following trainings are approved to meet your Long-Term Care Worker training requirements:

There are 4 levels of the workshop to give you just the amount of training you need: Primer, Elements, Elements+ and Advanced. Find more details about this de-escalation and behavior intervention training on the RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop Curriculum page.

How to offer Population Specific and Continuing Education

Currently certified RIGHT RESPONSE Instructors may apply to become approved by ALTSA to offer RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops for Population Specific and Continuing Education training hours. All instructors must be approved through the Service Alternatives training program, even if you have already been approved by ALTSA to teach other trainings.

Follow these instructions:

  1. You must be a currently certified instructor in good standing.
  2. Be familiar with the ALTSA PS and CE training requirements.
  3. To offer RIGHT RESPONSE for Continuing Education, contact us with your request. ALTSA will require your first name, middle initial, last name and birth date.
  4. To offer RIGHT RESPONSE for Population Specific training, complete and submit to us ALTSA Form INS.
  5. Allow up to 45 days for ALTSA to process your application once we receive and submit it.

Submitting RIGHT RESPONSE Paperwork

When submitting RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop paperwork for Population Specific and Continuing Education training hours, you must include a cover letter listing all attendees and the kind of hours to receive. We must receive this with the paperwork submission so that we can issue the appropriate certificates needed by ALTSA to verify the PS or CE training hours.

Contact us with any questions.