Instructor Certification Course- conduct your own trainings

DIY License the RIGHT RESPONSE curriculum and train your own instructor as a Certified Instructor. Manage your crisis effectively and proactively by integrating this program into their training regimen.

This is option is for you if:

  • You plan to conduct more than 2 workshops per year
  • You wish to incorporate your policies and procedures into the workshop
  • You want the most economical method for long-term staff training delivery
  • You plan to augment the skill set of your facilitators
  • You wish to provide between-training reinforcement activities with your staff

RIGHT RESPONSE Workshop instructor Guide


  • 3-4 day training course
  • Instructor Guide
  • Electronic Presentation
  • De-escalation Video
  • 10 Certification Workbooks
  • Annual recertification
  • Discounts on supplies
  • Great customer service
  • and more...
"This is the first training of trainers I have taken that allowed me the opportunity to practice teach in the safety of a small group with direct and individual feedback from the trainer. Because of that, I feel confident in my ability to train others. Thanks so much!"
~Abby Bowers, Early Childhood and WaKIDS Coordinator, Dept. of Teaching and Learning, ESD 113

Select one of the training options below to see more details about it

  • Elements Instructor
  • Advanced Instructor
  • Both
Part 1: Basic Skills Part 2: Advanced Skills
  • Self-Awareness
  • Optimal Performance Range™  
  • Proactive Environments
  • Positive Behavior Support
  • De-escalation Process
  • Assess-Adapt-Attend
  • De-escalation Process
  • Motivational Model
  • Postvention Learning
  • Postvention Teaching
  • Critical Debrief
Physical Safety Self protection:
  • Basic Position/Movements
  • Avoidance
  • Repelling
  • Protection
  • Releases
Physical Intervention:
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Escorts
  • Holds
  • (Toolkit)

Details for Agency Licensing and Instructor Certification Courses (ICC)

Certification Level Elements Instructor Advanced Instructor
Purpose: Teach Part 1: Basic Skills Teach All Parts
Certification Course: 3 Days 4 Days
Teaching Requirement: 12 hours/year 18 hours/year
Cost: $1299 per Instructor Candidate
$1169 each 5 or more
$1099 each 10 or more
$1999 per Instructor Candidate
$1799 each 5 or more
$1699 each 10 or more
Recertification: No Charge options No Charge options

Long-Term Value! Please note that the RIGHT RESPONSE license allows you to train ALL of your staff, parents and volunteers at no additional licensing costs- no per person or per class fees. Additionally, there is no cost to recertify instructors so the licensing fee above is essentially a One-time fee.

"My first training went very well and all of my staff were VERY impressed with the material and what they learned (mostly because of the quality of the material, rather than my rookie facilitating smiley ).

In one sense it was nice that I did it so soon after the certification training because it was all very fresh, but more time to prepare will definitely be worked into the next one I do!

Even with pretty limited prep time, though, the Instructor Guide materials do a GREAT job of keeping it in line! Thanks for the check in!"

~ Micah T. Rose, Program Manager, Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, Centralia College Child and Family Studies Division

2011 Survey Results of Licensed Agencies

Response rate for licensed RIGHT RESPONSE Instructors: 55.5%
Response rate for their Administrators (some of whom are also instructors): 31.1%

  Instructors Administrators
RIGHT RESPONSE makes a difference where I work. 99% 100% Agree
RIGHT RESPONSE is worth the time. 99% 100% Agree
RIGHT RESPONSE is worth the money. 96% 98% Agree
When I completed the Instructor Certification Course, I left with everything I needed to get started teaching RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops. 90% 98% Agree
Attendees have what they need to get started applying what they learned once they leave workshop. 97% 98% Agree
RIGHT RESPONSE has resulted in tangible change. 93% 89% Agree
The staff at RIGHT RESPONSE help me meet my needs. 100% 98% Agree

See the full 2011 Instructor Survey Results