Adjunct Faculty Options

Certified RIGHT RESPONSE Instructors:

Partnering with SPU's Continuing Education department makes it easy for you to offer clock hours and graduate level credit for your professional development workshops and Workshops. To offer continuing education credits for the classes you teach, follow these instructions:

1. Download the syllabus for the class you are teaching. This will serve as a guide to you, will be turned in with the SPU course form and will inform students acquiring college credit of their grade requirements.

2. Go to: SPU's Center for Professional Education for the Adjunct Faculty requirements and application.

3. Submit Adjunct Faculty Application and Spiral Course Forms at least 3 weeks before your class. For subsequent classes once you have been accepted, you must submit the CPE Course Forms at least 2 weeks before your class. The earlier a course form is submitted, however, the sooner confirmation of course approval and registration materials will be received.

The adjunct faculty position requires, at minimum, a master's degree and expertise in the field of teaching, either through academic preparation or life experience. However, instructors who are only approved to teach non-credit or CEU courses are not necessarily required to have a master's degree.

4. Follow all directions given to you by SPU CPE program staff on how to complete and submit your continuing education coursework to SPU. RIGHT RESPONSE does not need copies of this paperwork, but you will submit your RIGHT RESPONSE paperwork to us as usual.

For questions or support regarding Continuing Education, please contact the great folks at CPE:

Seattle Pacific University School of Education logo
Seattle Pacific University
School of Education - Continuing Education
3307 Third Avenue West, Suite 202
Seattle, Washington 98119-1950

Seattle Pacific University Center for Professional Education (CPE) is always looking to partner with exceptional educators who are providing quality professional development workshops and Workshops.

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