Behavioral Consultation

Service Alternatives Training Institute provides Behavioral Consultation Services to help you address the challenges of particular individuals. All of our work focuses on a pragmatic approach to assessing and addressing behavior in order to achieve efficient results which is also time and cost effective.

The specifics of each case are negotiated in advance and can include the following:

  • Onsite or remote direct observation
  • Onsite or remote data collection
  • Onsite or remote document review
  • Onsite or remote interviews
  • Review and synthesis of collected data, documents, interviews and observations
  • Recommendations for behavior identification, replacement and support
  • Support plans for the implementation of specific behavior change goal.


A student with Autism was reported to be significantly off-task and easily agitated by the behavior of others. The classroom arrangement was noticeably open such that every student was able to observe all other students.


The recommended floor plan utilized existing furniture and features to create more private space for students who are easily disrupted by the behavior of others. (Yeah, it's not fancy, but it also didn't cost extra!)

Evaluations and recommendations follow standard Positive Behavior Support tenants and are written to meet the needs of all team members. Service Alternatives Training Institute provides a variety of behavioral consultants with diverse experience to meet the needs of your specific setting, behavioral challenge, disability or educational level.

We charge a rate of $125 per hour, plus expenses (typically travel for onsite work.) You control the number of hours required with your specific needs and objectives. A rate discount is available for extended projects.